• AWS CodePipeline allows you to specify tags for custom actions and pipelines.
  • In Amazon API Gateway, specify tags for API Key and Rest API, Usage Plan, Domain Name, and Client Certificate.
  • Indicate whether AWS Amplify creates a preview of each pull request for the branch, and a dedicated backend environment to your pull request previews.
  • You can specify a list tags that you want to add to a topic in Amazon Simple Notification Service.
  • To enable slow log publishing for Amazon ES, specify the LogPublishingOptions property
  • Specify properties to add a GRPC routing, route action, route meta, route metadata match method and route retry policy to AWS App Mesh.
  • Update or add schema attributes, an alias to the user pool, and specify parameters that determine if email addresses, or phone numbers, can be used for user names when a user registers in Amazon Cognito.
  • You can create a message template to use in messages sent via the push notification channel, email channel, or SMS channel of Amazon Pinpoint.

All AWS public and GovCloud regions can do the above, while the resource import feature in US East (Ohio), US East (N. Virginia), US West(Oregon), US West [Oregon], Canada (Central), Asia Pacific)Mumbai), Asia Pacific)Seoul), Asia Pacific), Asia Pacific), Asia Pacific), Asia Pacific), Asia Pacific, EU (Frankfurt), EU/Ireland), EU/London, EU (Paris) South America (Sao Paulo Paulo Paulo Paulo Paulo Paulo Paulo Paulo