Amazon Web Services Inc. (AWS), yesterday announced that two cloud application development, building, and deployment services now support.NET Core.
These services are AWS CodeStar or AWS CodeBuild.
CodeStar, introduced in April, is designed to integrate with existing IDEs and abstract some of the steps needed to build a toolchain for continuous integration/continuous deployment (CI/CD) on the AWS cloud. It comes pre-configured, with a project management dashboard and an automated CD pipeline. A Git code repository is also available using AWS CodeCommit and AWS CodeBuild, AWS CodePipeline, and AWS CodeDeploy. It also integrates with Atlassian’s JIRA Software for issue tracking and project management.
CodeBuild is a fully managed service that compiles source code, tests it, and produces ready-to-deployable software packages. This frees developers from the responsibility of managing, provisioning, and scaling their own build servers.
AWS was prompted by customer interest to add support for both services for developing using.NET Core, a lightweight modular platform that allows you to create Web apps and services for Windows, Linux, and Mac OSes.
CodeStar has added new.NET Core templates to its collection. These templates join the initial templates for AWS Elastic Beanstalk, Amazon EC2, and AWS Lambda projects using the JavaScript, JavaScript, Ruby, and PHP programming languages.
“Each template provides the underlying AWS Code Services, and configures an end to end continuous delivery pipeline for targeted application using AWS CodeCommit. AWS CodeBuild. AWS CodePipeline. And AWS CodeDeploy,” Tara Walker, AWS, stated in a blog yesterday.
Developers can now build and deploy.NET Core applications using the companion CodeBuild tool for Amazon EC2 or AWS Lambda.
Walker stated that the new CodeBuild capability allowed Walker to add two new project templates to AWS CodeStar for.NET Core apps.
Walker said that the new project templates allow you to deploy.NET Code apps to Amazon EC2 Linux Instances and provides everything you need for quick start, including.NET Core code samples and a full software engineering toolchain.” Walker added that many developers have inquired about.NET app support.
Walker explained how to use the new capabilities in her post. Walker also noted that Visual Studio 2017 is required for the new functionality to be used, as well as the AWS Toolkit Visual Studio 2017.