Are you able to communicate the language of a leader? Your language can have a big impact on how people perceive you and your leadership abilities. It can also influence the productivity of your team and the environment at work. These are five powerful phrases every leader should use.
Tell me more
This open-ended phrase shows listening skills and a desire to understand more. It can help your team feel more valued and more at ease. Many employees mistakenly believe that leaders don’t care about them as individuals and what they have to share, which can lead to communication problems. These three words can help employees show interest and may even encourage them to speak up.
What do you think?
Although this may seem obvious, leaders often forget to reflect on the opinions and ideas of others. The team spirit can be enhanced by sharing knowledge and ideas. Feedback and communication are a two-way concept.
How can I help?
Alternative to asking “What went wrong?” This allows you to offer advice and help solve a problem without having to directly accuse an employee. This can lead to conflict and demotivation. However, you should not assume that employees will immediately come to you for help. Therefore, checking in with them occasionally using this phrase can be very beneficial.
We are a team
Leaders who see themselves and their team as a team, working together towards a common goal, are the best. This means that, despite failures and successes, the concept of “we are a group” is still valid. It is human nature to want to belong and being part of a group is a great way for this to happen in the workplace.
We are grateful
Last but not least, ‘thanks’ is a simple word that many people forget to use but can make a big difference to an employee. Recognizing someone’s hard work can make a difference and increase job satisfaction and loyalty. It’s amazing to think that two simple words can bring about so many benefits.
All these phrases have one thing in common: the importance of positive thinking. You are the leader of your team and can help them grow. A motivated team will produce better results. These phrases are important to remember next time you speak with an employee or face a problem.