Five Project Management Trends That Are Impacting Companies in 2015

Project managers are climbing higher with every passing day. It’s time for organizations to adapt to changing workplace environments as soon as possible. These are the top five trends in project management that are affecting organizations positively, globally.
Remote Project Teams
Many cloud-based platforms and remote team members are successfully managing client projects. Client organizations are no longer separated by geographical boundaries. They can now collaborate with central locations that are designated for project scheduling, information, communication, and collaboration. Remote projects, outsourcing agencies, and satellite offices can now take over all sorts of assignments through the help of their virtual employees and contractors. This is why it wouldn’t surprise that project managers will be less likely to be seen in rows of cubicles in the future.
It’s agile all the way, still!
Agile, a cost-effective alternative to project management, is still making waves thanks to its self-organizing teams. Agile is a human-centered approach that appeals to human needs such as autonomy, mastery, and purpose. It relies on constant feedback for its success. Agile’s ability to cut costs in real time is one of its greatest strengths. This is something that impresses upon bottom-line conscious managers in many ways. If you’re one of those who cringe at the mention of Scrum, know that it’s here to stay!
Popularity of APIs for Project Management Software grows
2015 has seen an unprecedented rise in the popularity of Project Management Application Programming Interfaces. These interfaces are now a must-have for potential PM software buyers. Project management is now a highly dependent on sales cycles and not traditional “project kickoff” meetings in order to be competitive. As per experts in the field, customer relationship management (CRM) and project management platform integrations are fast bridging the gap between development/engineering and sales. This is possible due to rapid data exchanges among the primary business systems of most organizations worldwide. APIs provide greater transparency and compatibility between these systems (sales, development) and how.
Big Data Analytics is Changing the Project Environment
In 2015, big data trends made a significant impact on project management. It is expected that it will play a greater role in executive management via intelligent cloud-based software systems. Cloud-based platforms are producing large amounts of valuable data, even though it may seem counterintuitive. This is particularly useful for project managers who are looking for powerful Big Data tools and advanced analytics to help them with their projects. This allows them to have access to the most current project information in order to make business decisions.
PMP Certification is the Best in 2015
PMP Certification is the preferred course for both new and old project managers. With the job market soaring to new heights for PMP certification holders, more workers are learning the field and gaining networking opportunities to help them stand out in the face of fierce competition. Although obtaining a PMP certification was always a significant accomplishment, its impact is now greater. This trend is expected to continue for many years. In the near future, expect to see a flooded project management landscape with PMP certified project managers.
What’s More?
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