If you are an IT professional looking to advance your career in Data Science and need recognition, Microsoft Certified – Azure Data Scientist Associate Exam DP100 may be the best choice. This certification confirms an IT professional’s ability to use the tools and apps used in Data Science and other relevant fields on the Azure platform.
Microsoft Certified – Azure Data Scientist Associate certification allows IT professionals to work mainly as Azure Data Scientists and can deploy machine learning workloads using the Azure platform. This includes designing and deploying a flawless working environment for data experiments, training, managing, and upgrading machine learning models, and managing them.
Microsoft DP-100 Exam Details
Microsoft Certified: Azure Data Scientist Associate DP-100 exam is online and can be taken anywhere in the world. Candidates must register and pay $165 to schedule the exam.
Exam Structure DP-100
Time: 2 hours
Number of questions: 40-60
Question Type: There are many types of questions, including short answers, case studies, mark review, multiple-choice and drag-and-drop.
The exam will have different formats for questions. Some questions have multiple choices, meaning that only one option is correct. Others may have more than one right. There will be many questions where you can drag the options to choose the right one. In a few questions you will need to drag an opportunity to fill in a space. Exam marking is done on a scale from 100 to 1000. The minimum passing mark is 700.
Topics covered in DP-100 Exam
The certification is for candidates who are interested in learning how to implement data science and machine-learning to run machine learning workloads on Azure. This exam measures the ability of applicants to perform a variety of tasks in the field data science and machine-learning. These topics and their weighting in the exam are listed below:
Manage Azure resources for machine-learning (25-30%)

Train models and run experiments (20-25%)

Implement and operate machine learning solutions (35-40%)

Responsible machine learning (5-10%)

How to Prepare for the DP-100 Examination?
The best methods to pass the Microsoft Azure Data Scientist Associate DP100 certification exam are listed below. These steps will help you prepare for the exam.
If you have decided to take the DP-100 exam then visit the official page for the Microsoft DP-100 certification. The official page contains all the information you need about the DP100 exam, including its objectives and training resources.

Next, you will need to familiarize yourself with the syllabus topics. It is important to fully understand the exam objectives.

Learn the fundamentals of data science technology and predictive analysis models.

Practice is key to passing the Microsoft certification exams. Before you take the actual exam, register for a Microsoft training course. You can take free or paid online courses to help you get into the exam pattern for DP-100.

The DP-100 practice exams are a great tool to determine where you need to work and what knowledge is needed to pass the exam. It can also help you improve your time management skills.

The official page contains links to study materials and resources that can help you prepare for the DP100 exam. Use them to gain a deeper understanding of the topics.

Take a look at the many videos and articles that are available online to learn more about this certification.

Participate in a lab session to gain hands-on experience using various tools.

Benefits of passing the DP-100 exam and earning Microsoft Certified – Azure Data Scientist Associate Certification
You can learn how to use machine learning models by creating distinct work spaces.

Execute and run Machine Learning workloads on Azure.

Skills to plan and create an environment for data science workloads in Azure, run data experiments and build predictive train models.

AI/ML Data Scientist Jobs are in demand and offer higher salaries than expected in the IT industry

The IT market is booming with people who work with data and use Microsoft Azure Services. Candidates with Microsoft certification certifications on their resumes are a significant advantage.

Microsoft certification is proof that you are able to show others that your skills are confirmed.

Microsoft Certified Azure Data Scientist Associate Salary
PayScale reports that the average salary for Microsoft Azure-certified data scientists is $ 95,102 per annum. As your skills and experience increase, this salary can reach US$ 110,000 per annum.
Time to build your career
This comprehensive article will explain everything you need to know about the Microsoft DP-100 exam. Its structure, syllabus, preparation steps, benefits, and more.