It is often one of the most misunderstood and overlooked parts of a digital project. However, if it is addressed upfront, it can create clarity for almost all stakeholders involved in creating the solution.

This masterclass will equip you with the necessary soft and hard skills to use content modeling in your projects. It will inform the design, development and migration of any intranet or CRM project.

We will discuss what a content model looks like and how to make one. We will also discuss how to have productive conversations about content with clients, stakeholders, and your team.

What you’ll learn

What is a content model and how it impacts project success?
How to create a content model and when
How to plan and conduct a content modeling workshop
How to use a Content Model to guide you through all stages of your project
How to overcome content migration challenges, content types, or content edge cases

What you’ll be setting for

Make the CMS experience a key part of your solutions
Use content conversations to ensure consistency across cross-functional teams
Reduce product gaps and stress in your project


Presentation Deck (.pdf).
Content Model Example (.pdf)