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It’s a well-known vignette that is as old as projects and proposal proposals: project managers are crying foul because the sales team sold something impossible to pull off, while sales people are crying foul because the plan the team created is too costly to win the job.
This has been accepted as the natural order of events for ages. But it doesn’t have be this way.
We’re going to unite the streams and unify the opposing forces in this article. This article will equip the project manager in you to create a business or project proposal that is as compelling and feasible to deliver.
This article will help you:
You can confidently jump into any phase in the lifecycle of a project proposal.
Assist your sales team with your delivery teams by acting as a bridge
Earn the respect of your business development colleagues and retain the trust of your peers in project managing?
Excited? Are you excited?
This article explains.
Project Proposal Tools
What is a Project Proposal?
How do I choose the right proposal format?
How to Write a Project Proposal in 5 Steps
Example of a Project Proposal
Expert Advice: How to Make Your Proposal Stand Out
Tools for Project Proposal
Here is a list of useful project proposal software. These are the best tools to quickly create proposals and manage the approval process. These software offer more functionality than a simple proposal templates. They are designed to assist sales and account management teams in responding to RFPs, creating quotes, signing documents online, and managing approvals and contracts.
Clickup Collaborative documents give you and your team greater control over the quality of a proposal response.

Wrike A powerful collaboration tool for teams of any size

Formstack Proposal productivity software allows data collection and project approvals online

PandaDoc Free deal workflow tool, with automatic notifications, editing on-the-fly, and integrated electronic signatures

HoneyBook A simple-to-use software platform that helps small business owners streamline processes and manage clients, from inquiry to payment

Proposify Document automation software allows you to create and track proposals and quotes, as well as sign documents online.

ClientPoint Create a master Content Library with documents, videos, brochures, and other materials to help you streamline your proposal development

Google Slides is free to use. It offers hundreds of fonts and embedded video, animations, as well as a variety of presentation themes.

QuoteWerks Sales quoting and proposal software with Configure Price Quote, Quote To-Cash sales processes and RFP response template

RFPIO RFP Automation Software with many business tool integrations, auto responses, and reports. All this is tied together with a simple, user-friendly design

No matter how you use business proposal software, it is important to learn how to write a proposal. Continue reading to find out what to include in a proposal, and how to create one.
What is a Project Proposal?
Let’s say that a project proposal is a document that is submitted to an internal sponsor, client, or potential client. It outlines a case for your team to deliver a program or scope of work.
A proposal is often accompanied with a presentation that explains why your project is the right choice for the client. The proposal is usually made before the project starts, usually after several conversations between you and your client. Sometimes, you will be responding to an RFP (request for proposal) in which other organizations are competing for your potential client’s attention.
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