Managers and bosses are always on the lookout for ways to “leverage big data’s potential for our business.” Sometimes, however, we don’t understand what this actually means. Many times, those who advocate big data and advanced analytics believe it’s easy to take data and turn it into wisdom.
Data analytics is not alchemy. Advanced data analytics is highly specialized and specific. The men and women who spend the time to analyze the data and then process it are highly valued. Amazon Web Services (AWS), which offers a variety of tools and services that make data analytics more efficient and powerful, has dozens of them. AWS Data Analytics is a specialty certification that certifies someone as an expert in AWS big-data tools. Continue reading to learn more about AWS Data Analytics and whether it is worth it for your career.
What is AWS Data Analytics?
AWS Data Analytics is a specialized certificate that AWS owns. It was previously known as AWS Certified Big Data Specialty. The AWS Data Analytics certification covers the design, building, security, and maintenance of analytics solutions. Although some certifications are applicable to general data analytics skills, the main focus is on testing specific knowledge of AWS services that enable and enhance data analytics capabilities.
Analysts with AWS Data Analytics have a solid understanding of data analysis methods and approaches. They also know which AWS service or tool should be used to solve each problem. The AWS Data Analytics certification exam is challenging and requires extensive knowledge about data analytics technologies and solutions.
The AWS Data Analytics certification covers five major areas of advanced big data analysis and handling. The exam validates your knowledge of the many AWS tools specifically designed for each purpose at each step. The exam will test your knowledge of AWS tools and services in multiple environments.
What is the AWS Data Analytics Exam?
The AWS Data Analytics exam, which lasts 180 minutes and contains 65 questions, covers building, deploying, and tuning data models, while leveraging AWS services that streamline and scale up the process. Five objectives or domains are part of the AWS Data Analytics exam:
Domain 1 – Data Collection Systems
Domain 2 – Storage & Data Management Concerns
Domain 3 – Data Processing Solutions
Domain 4 – Analysis of analytical data and visualization
Domain 5 – Security of the Data Analysis System

Multiple choice or multiple response questions are available on the AWS Data Analytics exam. Multiple choice will only allow for one correct answer, while multiple responses can provide several options. Each domain will present you with hypothetical situations. You’ll need to develop the right data model or approach for each domain and then implement the appropriate AWS tools.
What is the AWS Data Analytics Exam Price?
The AWS Data Analytics exam is $300. It doesn’t require any prerequisites, so you can take the exam at your own pace. The cost of $300 is all you will end up paying. You may find it difficult to pass and covers a lot of material. If you have any questions, you can take an online course or training. If you do, it should be added to the total cost of the exam.
What experience do you need for the AWS Data Analytics job?
AWS recommends that you have at least five years experience in data analytics technologies and two years experience working with AWS before you attempt the AWS Data Analytics exam. AWS recommends that you have extensive experience using AWS services to create, secure, and maintain analytics solutions. This is due to the dual nature and difficulty of the exam.