Microsoft introduced the Microsoft Certified Solutions Developer and Microsoft Certified Solutions Expert (MCSD) credentials in 2012. Although it may seem hard to believe it has been over 2 years, it is now that the first wave MCSE and MCSE holders are eager for recertification news. Microsoft has received a flood of questions about recertification since both MCSE/MCSD must be renewed every 3 year. Finally, they have some answers!
Although not many details have been released, the video posted to the Microsoft Learning Blog provides some insight. The key point is that MCSE and MCSD recertification exams will soon be available. When this happens, the recertification timelines for candidates will be adjusted to allow them at least 12 months to prepare for and pass the exams. It looks like your credential will expire in another year.
This video is part of a series called “ACE NewsByte”, which stands for Ask a Certification Specialist. Starring Liberty Munson and Briana Roberts (if you’re a follower of Microsoft certification news, then you probably know their names). The video series is intended to be more entertaining and dynamic than traditional methods of providing Microsoft users with certification news.
What else can you learn about the upcoming MCSE/MCSD recertification exams? The MCSD recertification exam, which will be the first to be released, will be available in August-September. This is practically any week now. The MCSE will follow in the near future.
Microsoft certification experts say that MCSE and MCSD recertification exam preparation should not be any different than regular Microsoft exams. This means that you should follow the guidelines and stay up to date with the latest trends. The exams should not be too difficult for candidates who are likely to work in the industry. Microsoft emphasizes that the exams will not only test your theory and practical skills but also your awareness of recent product and process changes and what’s happening in the field. Keep up to date with the latest news and read a lot.
As we wait for the MCSE/MCSD recertification exam updates to come out, please watch the new ACE NewsByte Video and keep checking ExamCollection for any updates.