2.About AWS Cloud Quest Game
3.My Observations and First-Hand Experience
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Hello folks!
AWS has created a metaverse game to help you understand Cloud Computing and technology as a whole.

If you think that all these games have a learning curve then they will also improve your visual eye, counting skills, focusing skills and conceptualization.
AWS Cloud Quest for Cloud Practitioner is also described by AWS as a “role playing learning game that helps develop practical cloud skills through interactive learning, hands-on activities, and use of AWS services.”
About the AWS Cloud Quest Game
Aristotle said, “For the things that we have to learn before they can do them, it is by doing them.” AWS’s goal, like Aristotle’s, is to make cloud computing concepts tangible through interactive and hands on activities that can put the learner’s theories into action.
AWS Cloud Quest, a 3D role-playing video game for adults learning AWS, is designed to help them gain practical AWS experience. The game has multiple quests that must be completed in order to build a better community and improve your cloud skills. These quests include videos, quizzes, as well as hands-on exercises that are based on real-world business situations.
My Observations and First-Hand Experience
After reading the philosophy of Cloud Quest, it was tempting to give it a try. To play the game, I first had to log into my AWS Skill Builder account. Next, I had to create my avatar and give myself an identity. As this game shows, there were 12 levels or quests in the game.

I started the game by being on a platform with no buildings or anything. After that, I reached my first quest. There was another character, a resident of that city, who talked about the problems they were having with their static website, which alerts locals when there’s a high tide on the beach. According to the scenario, the S3 was recommended.
Once I understood the situation, I had to accept it. Then my character was transferred to the Solution Centre, where I learned how the service works. This part taught me the basics of the service in four steps. Learn -> Plan -> Practice -> DIY.
The learning and planning section included videos of the concepts that lasted hardly 6-8 minutes each. I also found a structure of architecture with a detailed description. Next came the part where I practiced the concepts that were taught to me with a complete guide. Finally, I was able to complete a task for that service without any guidance or assistance. The same steps were used for the 11 remaining quests, each with different services. After completing the 12 quests, I was granted a free access code for the AWS Cloud Practitioner Practice exam. This code is only valid for a short time.
AWS Cloud Quest is my opinion. It creates a metaverse environment. As mentioned in a few articles. This provides a basic understanding of AWS Cloud services. Although AWS has not used the term metaverse in their documentation or blogging, it is possible that this training initiative could be considered an initial step into the space. People who are preparing to take the AWS Cloud Practitioner exam should try this training initiative. Please leave a comment below letting me know how useful it was.
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