Below is a transcript of the video.

SPOTO: I’m here at Middlesex University, the National Centre for Project Management, because Gower Publishing is hosting an event tonight. Professor Darren Dalcher, who works at National Centre for Project Management, is one of the editors for Gower. It’s going be a night full of academic project management. I was just able to see Professor Elaine Harris on the bus. We also have Dr. Penny Pullan, who is expected to be here this evening. Dr. David Hillson is the Risk Doctor. These are just a few of the many project management geniuses who will be attending tonight’s event. I’m me, and I’ve been wearing my green cardigan all day. I’m also covered in fluff, which is a great way for me to make a good first impression.
3 hours later…
After the evening event, I just left the National Centre for Project Management. Although I was not allowed to record the speeches, I took lots of notes so that I have plenty of information to write about. It was an interesting evening overall. I don’t know how I sound surprised to say this, but I was attending an event with authors published in Gower’s series edited by Darren Dalcher at Middlesex University’s National Centre for Project Management. It was perfect. It was like having all the top project management minds in one place. It was very interesting.
David Hillson, Risk Doctor, gave the first presentation. If you haven’t met him before, you should. It was very entertaining and he was very engaging. And I think that noise might be my train, so I’m going to head home.