No longer are workplaces limited to a particular location and employees working only 9-5 on weekdays. Organizations today are focused on hiring and retaining employees that can respond quickly to changing times and geographical locations.
O365 – Your Office on The Go
Microsoft Cloud’s Office 365 service fulfilled many organizations’ dream to be able to work around the clock and across the globe. Microsoft 365, also known by O365, is an all-encompassing cloud application that gives you access to all your documents, emails, and data from any device with internet connectivity. This intuitive application goes beyond the basics and allows you to easily collaborate with your team members and peers, and work together while keeping track of each stage.
Office 365 – Working Securely
Office 365 is a comprehensive suite of Microsoft business applications that includes Outlook, Word Excel, PowerPoint and Excel. O365 allows you access a complete office environment anywhere in the world. Mobile office is great for productivity, but information security is the main concern.
It is a good practice to not hinder your workflows in order to address security concerns when using Microsoft Cloud to access Office 365 apps and store your valuable information. O365 allows you to:
* Keep your information safe: Office 365 helps you increase productivity without compromising information safety. It maintains compliance without limiting or interrupting your workflow.
* Create content and review in parallel: You can create and access documents simultaneously with your team members, and then review them together. This drastically reduces review time.
* Collaborate and share from anywhere: This robust suite of applications allows you to capture, access, review, and then share documents in a variety of formats from anywhere in the world. This allows you to collaborate with your team and improves your productivity by sharing information and documents in real-time.
* Share knowledge: O365 social tools facilitate information sharing. This makes it easy to get expert guidance for any project or workflow, without losing productivity.
* Analyze data without BI specialists: Microsoft Office 365 has built-in data analysis capabilities. This allows you to instantly visualize simple and complex data, perform quick analysis, and zero in on the captured data to generate useful insights.
You can increase your workplace productivity by learning O365 and getting familiar with its capabilities. With globally recognized and highly valued Microsoft Office 365 certifications and training, you can be recognized for your productivity skills.
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