Cisco offers a wide range of IT certifications, training and testing programs that can be used to meet the needs IT professionals, partners and employees as well as students. Its classroom tutorials and computer-based learning programs are designed to help learners in the field.
Cisco Portfolio is designed to help networking professionals develop their knowledge in the field. These certifications are essential for IT professionals who want to stand out from the crowd and be successful in the field.
These certificate courses are divided into different areas and allow you to understand the different network topologies. Cisco offers five levels of certificates: entry, associates, professionals, experts, expert, and administrator. Naturally, the question arises: Which certifications are the best in 2017?
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Cisco offers certificates in a variety domains, including Design, Routing & Switching and Collaboration, Data Centers, Clouds, Wireless, Security, Service Providers, Specialists, and Data Centers. These certifications are designed to enhance learners’ skills in implementing and supporting collaborative solutions. They also provide an in-depth analysis on design, deployment, configuration and troubleshooting.
Let’s take a look at these courses and the career opportunities they offer.
Cisco Design Track (with e-Learning option).
The Cisco Design Track certification is for network designers and senior network engineers who want to improve their knowledge and gain expertise in Cisco network design. This certification covers design objectives and design methods, routing protocols and network expansion considerations in basic campus, data center, voice, and wireless networks.
Enterprise environments must be able to adapt to meet the changing market demands. These challenges require IT professionals who are skilled in basic network design. This certification includes entry, associates and professional tracks.
Cisco Routing and Switching Track (With the e-Learning option).
The Cisco CCNA routing & switching certification is a comprehensive course that can be used to help network administrators, network engineers associates, support engineers, and network analysts.
The course content will cover how to streamline an organization’s networking infrastructure. The course is divided into four levels: associate, professional, expert, and switching track entry.
Cisco Collaboration Track (With an e-Learning option).
Businesses can only prosper if they collaborate. Today’s marketplace requires collaboration between network video engineers, collaboration and IP telephony engineers. Cisco Collaboration Track is a program that certifies and trains individuals for specific job roles. It helps to improve one’s ability to deliver business value and expand one’s knowledge. There are two levels of certification: associate and professional.
Cisco Data Center Track:
Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA Data Center) certification is a job-oriented training and certification program that maximizes one’s education investment. It is useful for data centre network administrators who can save time and money in data centers design, equipment installation, maintenance, and maintenance. You can start your training in the data center associate track, and then go on to earn the professional certification.
Cisco Cloud Track (With an e-Learning option).
Nearly every company is moving to the Cloud. The Cloud as a platform is more flexible, agile, and efficient at delivering better business outcomes. Cloud also offers a wide range of services.
Cloud Engineers, Cloud Administrators, Network Engineers all benefit from the certification. Certification is a way to develop, validate, and validate a professional’s skill set. It also provides the training needed to help an organization adapt to changing business needs in light of technology transitions. You can start your learning in the associate track, and then go on to become professional.
Cisco Wireless Track
Cisco Wireless Track certification offers valuable and measurable benefits to network professionals and managers, as well as the organizations that employ them.
Cisco Security Track (with e-Learning option).