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Cloud migration allows organizations to digitalize, increase efficiency, and be more resilient to change. Cloud migration can bring about significant cost savings, but organizations need to rely on cloud architects and engineers that can continually optimize the infrastructure. AWS and other cloud vendors release many updates and new features throughout the year. Cloud architects need to stay current in order to help organizations achieve their goals.
According to Flexera and Gartner, companies have increased their cloud budgets in 2020 and may continue doing so in 2021. 30% of organizations believe that some of their cloud spending was wasted. Cloud architects are responsible for implementing migration projects and cost savings. It is possible to make a significant difference in the way teams complete cloud projects and reach their goals by regularly upskilling.
This article will explain cloud infrastructure optimization and how it benefits organizations. Learn about the latest update to Architecting on AWS. This intermediate-level course is designed to help professionals become Solutions Architects.
What is Cloud Infrastructure Optimization?
Cloud infrastructure optimization is about analyzing and monitoring the performance and taking the necessary measures such as choosing the right instances and infrastructure design to increase efficiency and reduce costs.
Cloud architects who are working towards optimizing the infrastructure must often decide where to balance cost and performance while maximising client satisfaction. Cloud architects’ actions can have a significant impact on the long-term goals of the organization.
Why is Cloud Infrastructure Optimization Important?
Cloud engineers and cloud architects can search for ways to optimize cloud infrastructure. Optimizing resources can be done by changing the size of the instances, correcting storage space, or improving the configuration of load balancers.
But why is it important to optimize cloud infrastructure? What goals can an organization and a cloud architect have regarding cloud infrastructure optimization?
Cloud optimization has the following goals:
Performance and availability improvements and better user experience through the use of appropriate instances
Finding the right balance between cost and performance can be a continuous process
It may be crucial to have the right metrics about the cloud spend in order to justify the budget in the future, when there is more cloud infrastructure.
Updated Architecture on AWS Course V7.0
Architecting on AWS is an intermediate level AWS Architect certification course that helps aspiring cloud architects build cloud solutions using the AWS cloud platform. AWS training courses are designed to help professionals understand the various features and services offered by AWS. Participants will learn best practices and principles of architecture to help them design and build cloud solutions that meet their organizational needs. This course is available to cloud architects, developers, as well as other cloud professionals.
AWS has just released the V7.0 version of its Architecting on AWS course. You will learn how to solve problems using your AWS certification and training course.
AWS has placed emphasis on increasing interaction between student and instructor in the vILT. The course’s latest version has shorter modules and more visual content, which enhances the learning experience.
AWS is well-known for releasing multiple updates to its cloud platforms throughout the year. It has made sure that all updates are included in the course for cloud architects who need to be certified. The course also includes a Capstone lab.
Experts believe that the recent launch the intermediate-level AWS Architecting course aligns well with the new Advanced Architecting on AWS program, which was launched a few months back.
What are the prerequisites for architecting on AWS?
Cloud architects, data center architects, IT professionals who are interested in cloud architecture, as well as individuals looking to obtain AWS Solutions Architect certifications, can enroll in the Architecting on AWS course.
These are the requirements:
Cloud computing concepts are essential
It is important to be familiar with distributed systems and multi-tier architectures
You should have a solid understanding of networking concepts as well as IP addressing
N is a network for organizations that want to train architects and other cloud professionals through the course Architecting on AWS.