PCMag is the website for the PC Magazine, the iconic publication that was launched in 1982. The online edition began in 1994 and continues to be published today, unlike the printed version which was discontinued in January 2009. The site has been providing readers with numerous comparative reviews of computing and Internet products over the years. Numerous readers have made informed buying decisions by reading the site’s independent lab-based editorial coverage on the most recent technology products, features, and services. Many people have purchased better products and gotten more value from technology thanks to the site’s assistance.
PM Software Category
PCMag provides trusted and comprehensive reviews of many products, including laptops, tablets and phones, as well as printers and other electronic devices. It is a trusted authority in technology and provides reviews and news on the most recent apps and software for security and business. It has reviewed 31 software products under the project management category, and has created a business directory. The list includes a brief description of each software and links to websites and free trial offers. Slack, Teamwork Projects and Zoho Projects were awarded Editor’s Choice tags with high ratings of 5, 4, and 4.5, respectively. You can filter the list by Editor’s Rating and Pricing Model, Deployment, License, and Type of User.

2016 PM Software Review
PCMag offers the latest technology news, reviews, and downloads. This includes software and productivity apps. The site recently published a list of the top project management software for 2016. Project management software is the answer to many business productivity and team issues. It includes information dissemination, organization, scheduling, communication, and collaboration. The table below shows the 10 PM software reviewed and how they were compared to each other. Wrike, Zoho Projects and LiquidPlanner were all compared to one another in terms of their price per month and storage space. They were also compared against Wrike, Wrike, and seven other software.

PM Software for Communication
This technology website offers product reviews as well as industry expert opinions, latest news, section features, how-to articles, and business section features. There are many articles on how online PM software can improve productivity, thanks to recent technological breakthroughs like cloud computing and the acceptance of best practices in project management worldwide. Project management is constantly evolving to remain relevant and effective. This PCMag article explains how to improve communication to ensure better project management. PM tools allow you to centralize and organize all project information and provide timely access for all parties.
Replacing Email
It’s easy to become complacent and rely solely on email for communication. This is a mistake. Email is a useful tool but was not intended for project management. Collaboration and communication are essential aspects of managing and delivering projects well. Online PM applications are the best tools for this purpose. Email is not the best tool for assigning work or providing status information. Email can be distracting and interrupt employees who need to make sure that the email is relevant to their project. This article explains how to kill email using the right PM app.
Empowering Readers
PCMag has been providing its readers with useful information and insight about technology products for more than 30 years. People are optimizing their technology through its reviews