According to a 2015 HR article, the freelance industry is growing faster than any other sector of recruitment. Freelance work is growing at least 3 per cent annually. This is good news for startups and small businesses, but it can be alarming for recruitment agencies. Companies looking to keep costs down have the option to hire only skilled freelancers to work on projects and start with a small core staff. PeoplePerHour, an online freelance marketplace, makes it easy for businesses to find qualified freelance talent.
PeoplePerHour, a privately-owned Internet company, is based in London. It was founded by Simos Kitiris, CTO, and Xenios Thrasyvoulou as CEO. Xenios, a friend and colleague, decided to create an outsourcing service to help people start their own businesses and build them up project by project with skilled people who have the ambition of working for themselves. PPH has helped people realize their dreams for over 64,000 people through curated freelancers after many years of difficulties.
Small business owners and startups can grow their businesses without the need to hire a lot of staff. They can scale up or down as needed depending on market demand and company growth. PeoplePerHour is a great platform as its freelancers have been carefully selected. It is cheaper than hiring the services digital agencies and recruitment firms. Employers can connect with freelancers around the globe from a single online portal. Employers can keep their funds in escrow until they are satisfied with the task or product. Users can also contact a support team for any issues.

How it works
PeoplePerHour makes it easy for employers and buyers to find freelancers to work on their projects. Browse Hourlies, which is a way to evaluate candidates for quality work starting at one-hour jobs at a fixed price, is a great option. Buyers who are satisfied with the work of the freelancer can submit a follow up proposal. You can also post a job for free and let qualified candidates bid on it. Another option is to actively search for profiles and contact freelancers directly. WorkStream, a built-in management page, allows buyers to organize communication threads, accept proposals, deposit money in escrow, get invoices for completed work and release funds to the seller or freelancer.

Resources for Different Types Of Projects
Buyers can quickly find the right talent for their specific tasks and projects by using several categories. The Design category allows people to find designers who are skilled in creating logos and wireframes as well as web pages and icons. There are experts in PHP/ASP and HTML, CSS, WordPress Joomla, Magento, and WordPress. Buyers can search for talent in Content to create marketing copy, sales collateral and SEO articles. In a matter of seconds, you can hire experts in Google Adwords and Facebook Pages, Twitter, link-building, forum submissions, press releases, and Google Adwords. Other categories, such as video, audio, photo, or software dev, can be used to narrow down the search. You can filter results by country, local sellers, and hourlies who have had previous sales or work done.

Optimize Your Hiring Experience
PeoplePerHour was praised on many sites by both buyers and sellers, as well as freelancers. Sellers complain about the high service fee, lengthy payment processing and transfer times. Buyers should take steps to ensure a positive experience when hiring. These steps include a trial run with a freelancer first before you give the big project. Also, evaluate the tasks and projects that are most cost-effective.