The project kickoff is the most exciting moment for project managers and their entire team. There are many things that have been done before the kickoff, such as the project initiation process and project planning. This is where the actual work begins.
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We will be discussing what to do before and during this crucial starting point. We will also define what a project launch meeting is. You can learn more about the project kickoff by enrolling in an online CAPM training.
Approval of Project Management Plan before Project Kick Off
A project management plan is a plan that describes the planning of what should be done throughout the project’s life cycle. The goal is to successfully complete the project and meet the project objectives.

The process of developing a project management plan includes the creation of a project management plan. This must be done before the project execution begins. Before the project execution begins, stakeholders must approve the project management plan. This is an important step in the project’s life cycle, as stakeholders, particularly internal stakeholders, will be supporting the project or performing the activities. They might not support the project if the project management plan isn’t approved by them.
Before the Project Management Plan can be launched, it must be approved in writing by:
Project Team
Other stakeholders

This approval must be obtained from all stakeholders. This approval can be signed on the project management plan, through email, or through a software tool.
What is a project kickoff meeting?
This is the meeting of all stakeholders and it takes place just before the execution process group begins. The next step is to execute the project plan during the execution phase, once the project management plan has been approved by all project stakeholders.

What is the best way to do this? To call a kick off meeting for a project! The kickoff meeting is open to the customer, the seller and all other stakeholders. The project manager organizes this meeting.
Kick off meetings generally have the largest number of participants than any other meetings in the project.

What happens during the meeting
This important meeting should be attended by many people. First, the high-level information is given about the project. Next, the objectives of the project are listed. Then, the major outputs of the project are listed. The milestones of this project are also listed.
Your entry was not saved. Please try again. We have sent you links! You should have already received an email from If you have not received an email from us, please check your spam folders. You can also add on the safe senders list to continue receiving our emails. The kickoff meeting serves the main purpose of ensuring everyone is on the same page. This is because the project management plan approved will be implemented to achieve project objectives. Everyone should be clear about the objectives, and how the project team will work to achieve them.
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