Pamelia Brown guest post
It can be difficult for project managers to manage both your work responsibilities as well as your family responsibilities at home. You feel like you are working late to complete your planning for the next day because of your demanding, stressful job as project manager. Being a leader in a team requires a lot more than just being a good manager. You might be irritable with your children when you return home. What can you do to succeed in project management without affecting your family? These are three tips to help you separate your family and work. They don’t have to get in each other’s way!
Go to Work earlier
We all know the old saying that the “early bird gets it” The worm could be a relationship with your family. You are more likely to complete your work if you arrive at work an hour earlier than you need. You may also find that your children are still sleeping. Even though your work involves meeting clients and working with teams, you can still do administrative tasks or other tasks during these two hours. Instead of planning and organizing at home while you’re at work, plan it during your first few hours at work.
Find a healthy way to relieve stress
You might be assigned difficult tasks or have to manage a team member’s work. This can cause unnecessary stress and anxiety. You may end up putting your stress out by having a negative attitude at home. A grumpy parent is not the best role-model for your children. It is important that you find ways to manage your stress on a daily basis. You can reduce your stress by exercising, using a stress ball at work/home, breathing exercises, and getting involved in hobbies. If you are a fan of painting, traveling, or sports, make sure you have more time to do these things. These hobbies can be shared with your family. Maybe you and your daughter can join a sport league or take art and language classes together.
Give tasks to others
Being a project manager is a great job! You don’t have to do everything yourself. Instead, you can delegate tasks when necessary! This doesn’t mean that you should let others do the work. You can find ways to supervise assignments and projects you aren’t responsible for. You don’t have to be the only one capable of completing every aspect of the project. Get along your team! This will reduce stress and give you more time to spend with your family.
Pamelia Brown contributed this guest contribution. She specializes in writing about associates degrees programs. Questions and comments can be sent to: [email protected]