There are ten knowledge areas in project management. The first is project integration management. The first step in project integration management is to develop a project charter. The second step is to develop a project management plan. This process is defined in project management professional certification. The Develop Project Management Plan Process is part of the planning process. It defines the strategy for managing the project as well as the processes within each project management knowledge area.
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What is a Project Management Plan?
This plan outlines the detailed planning for the project in order to meet the project’s objectives and complete the project on time.

This plan contains a series of plans. This is due to baselines and iterations. The actual work will not go according to plan, no matter how well-planned. Re-planning and re-iteration might be necessary if there are changes, variations or actual work. These can lead to the need for new baselines in a project.
What is a Project Management Plan?
This plan will include the Project management processes that will apply to the project. There will be many processes such as the budget process, acquisition of project team process, procurement process etc. These processes are part of the project management knowledge areas and process group. The plan includes all processes that will be used throughout the project.
What is the difference between Project Management Plan and other management plans?
It includes project documents and management plans, as explained in CAPM Certification Training. This plan is unique in that it has an Integration function. This plan integrates all knowledge-area management plans into one cohesive whole.

A management plan is different from a cohesive project management plan. It is specific to each project and addresses its unique needs. The management plan describes how you will plan, plan, manage, and control the project. Each project is unique in terms of cost, risk, and communication. Cost management plans describe the expenses that will have to be paid during the project. Risk management plans include the risks and strategies for dealing with them. To manage multiple aspects of projects, you will need unique management plans.
There are many management plans available for all knowledge areas.
Scope management plan,
Schedule management plan,
Cost management plan,
Plan for quality management
Human resources management plan,
Communications management plan,
Risk management plan,
Procurement management plan,
Stakeholder management plan.

A project manager’s role includes the creation of management plans. To create an integrated project management plan, all plans must be compatible in order to make it feasible and achievable. All plans are designed to help the domain succeed. The integration function of the project management planning can ensure the cohesive success of all management plans.

Cost management plans, for example, describe what will be spent. Schedule management plan also includes delivery dates for deliverables. The details of team members are included in the human resource management plan. Cost management plans must include payments for project resources as described in the human resource management program. These payments must be made in accordance to the schedule management plan.
These management plans are created with inputs from project stakeholders. The project manager is responsible for the preparation of management plans as well as the overall project management plan.
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