In our previous post we discussed setting a S.M.A.R.T. goal. We discussed setting a S.M.A.R.T. goal in our previous post and promised to give you an example from our yard.
We thought it would be a nice idea to suggest that you use ActiveCollab in your native tongue. If you are from Portugal and want to try ActiveCollab, we would love to suggest Portuguese as your default language. Before we can begin to develop this feature, we have to answer a lot of questions. Imagine someone coming to you with a similar request. You could ask them this first: Why would you create this feature? We asked ourselves these questions, and we came up with the following answer: To increase the number of trials per month. It may seem vague and ill-defined, but it is actually quite simple. The next step is to outline the baseline and then to more precisely define the goal. Frameworks and Project Management Methodologies
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This means that the questioning process does not end with the first set. It’s a beginning, and you can then define the current state and the one you want to change. Here’s a tip: Stick to statistics from a specific period of the past. For example, last year. The next set of questions was: How many visitors do we have on a monthly basis to our site (i.e. the place where trials are created)? The place where trials are created has how many visits per month? How many visitors create trials?
What languages are most used in addition to English?
We then thought about our existing users and asked the question: How many of them can ActiveCollab be translated into their native language?
Which languages are the top 3?
Let’s assume that these visits account for 1% of the total number. Ten users who don’t speak English as their primary language create a trial every month. If this percentage is low, it may be worth reducing the amount of trial users who use the site in their native language. It could be a campaign to attract these users to the site. If the campaign succeeds, it will be easier to pinpoint which markets you should target. You already know which languages are most popular. Next, you can return to the initial questions to decide if translating ActiveCollab for visitors to the site or using the app is worth it. Let’s go back.
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