Microsoft’s move to cloud solutions has been a huge success, with more than 120 businesses now using the monthly subscription service. Many employees used the same features they had before when companies switched to cloud software.
Word, Excel, Outlook and PowerPoint are all very useful for daily operations. However, Office 365 subscriptions include many additional features that can help a business grow. Some businesses might not even know they have these features, so they may be investing in cloud solutions to duplicate them.
There are many underutilized features within Office 365. Here are three that could be most beneficial to organizations. These services are not something you have heard of, but you might be able to find new ways to use them.
Not Your Father’s VHS Story
Stream, formerly Microsoft Video, allows businesses to upload videos and create a library that employees can access. Instead of training employees on your internal software one-on-one, you can record and make it available to all employees. Employees can also share videos using Microsoft Teams, SharePoint, or other areas of Office 365.
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Start trainingMicrosoft’s video services go further than other video uploading services with intelligence features. After a video is uploaded to the platform, face detection is used to help locate the person in the video. Automatic text transcription allows viewers to search for specific text in the video to locate specific posts. Timecodes in the comments section allow viewers to skip to a specific part of the video.
Take collaboration to the next level
Collaboration tools have replaced the need to be present in one place (aka an office building) or receive endless emails. A full-featured solution doesn’t require you to pay a monthly subscription. SharePoint allows team members to collaborate, share files, discuss current products, and manage their projects more efficiently.
It’s compatible with Office 365 and will be easier to use than any third-party solutions that you might purchase to enhance your network. FastTrack Onboarding is available to those who have purchased 50 or more Office 365 seats.
Microsoft will migrate your employees to the solution, and work with you to ensure everyone is connected. Microsoft Virtual Academy offers SharePoint training. Your SPOTO subscription will provide SharePoint training for admins. Your team will be able use the tool from anywhere, no matter where they are, thanks to the mobile application.
Create Personalized Experiences
Personalization is the core of user experience. Microsoft does not intend to be left behind. Microsoft’s Delve product creates a personalized search experience that reflects what you are doing right now, including what file you have open at the moment and who is working with you.
Delve allows users to find other people within the organization who have the experience they are looking for. If a team leader needs a photo to post a new blog post on their site, they may be able use the search feature to find someone within the organization who has that special skill. The tool’s utility is enhanced by the integration of LinkedIn. You can also see previous career achievements, educational background, industry recommendations, and industry recommendations.

Office 365 is now the core of business activity. However, it’s important that you make the most of it. These larger solutions are not the only ones that are available. There are many lesser-known options that can be used to enhance your productivity.