There are many opportunities available in college: you can choose classes, sleep schedules and have a social life. You can also participate in extracurricular activities. However, college can be stressful if it is not managed well.
Cengage Unlimited student-subscribers have access to the College Success Center. This allows them to access dozens skill-based activities that will help them tackle their semester confidently and avoid a stressful college life. Students don’t have to travel far to find the College Success Center through the enhanced navigation. This is in addition to all academic Cengage courses.
What skills do your students need to master?
College can make it difficult to maintain a daily routine. I believe I can improve my overall health, time management, as well as my ability to avoid too much screen time, while at school. These courses are available in the College Success Center.
After completing a 5-minute course on Choosing What Not to Do, I learned the skills necessary to create a balance in my workloads and to make more space in my life.
Where are your students in their semester?
A lot can happen from the beginning to the end. Students may face many challenges throughout the 18-weeks of school, including accumulating more course-specific work and staying motivated across multiple responsibilities.
The College Success Center recommends courses that can be used at different times during school to ensure student success.
I will search for courses that teach me how to organize my study habits, learn time management skills, and create a routine. I find that modules on creating great presentations, test preparation, and staying motivated are all useful by the end of the semester. These courses are well-organized and will help students focus on the skills that they need to improve over the course of the semester.
Why Cengage Unlimited?
Students can access these modules quickly and easily through the Cengage Unlimited subscription. Instructors can also recommend activities that will benefit their students’ college experience and classwork.
Find out more about the College Success Center, and other perks that come along with a Cengage Unlimited membership here.
Andrew Boeres is a Wittenberg University senior and Cengage intern.