Software that helps companies plan and manage real estate projects.
It can be difficult to find the right project management software. There are many options available, making it difficult to choose the right product. This problem is not unique to real estate businesses. How do you find the best real-estate project management software? This article will highlight top-rated project management software that real users trust in real estate companies. (Learn how we chose these products.
What features does project management software provide?
The core features of project management software include:
All products in this report include the core characteristics mentioned above.
These core features are not the only ones that project management tools offer.
What we cover for each product
We cover the following for each product:
What have users thought of the featured products in relation to different aspects?
We analyzed 257 user reviews across all products in order to determine how users feel about these products on parameters like ease of use, customer service, value for money, functionality, and customer support.
What are the opinions of users about the products?
We’ve included review excerpts from the previous year for each featured product.
What is the price of the products?
The pricing models generally include one of the following: usage based, flat rate, per user or per feature. The payment frequency can be either one-time, monthly, or annually.
Noting: The price of a product will vary depending on the features required, support or training needed, and customization requests. Talk to the vendor if you find a product that suits your needs.
Are these products a good fit?
Some tools are designed for large enterprises while others are perfect for small and mid-sized businesses. Another factor that will help you choose the right product for your company is the average user base.
Reviewers can also come from different industries. If the majority of reviewers are from one industry, it’s likely that the product doesn’t work well in other industries. If the product’s reviewers are spread across multiple industries, it’s likely that it is a good fit for all industries.
Top 5 real estate project management software
Note: The products are listed alphabetically.1Asana
*Analysis correct as of July 2022Examples from the most positive reviews for Asana
It is an exemplary tool that provides more features for project management. It has a great interface that has made it possible to work on projects more quickly and easily.
“All agency work requires a project management platform. Asana is a great one for companies of any size. The free version is great for those with limited budgets and can be used to get started. Highly recommended.
“The best thing about Asana is the ease with which it manages projects. Asana organizes the flow and saves time.
You can read all Asana reviews right here.
*Analysis correct as of July 2022Examples from the most positive reviews for Basecamp
Basecamp is very easy to use and navigate. This is great for any project, no matter how large or small. It’s amazing that I can add external parties and be able share documents with the people I need. It’s very easy to track projects and assign people to them. I believe it’s the best tool.
“The ability to limit the scope of what is shared between teams is amazing. It is easy to assign todos to help manage team members across companies. Their search function allows you to quickly find everything about your project. It is easy to use and you can integrate Gant Charts with other software.
“Basecamp looks like a great production