Are you ready for a Sailpoint interview These are the top Sailpoint interview questions to help you crack the interview.
DevOps is a critical component of the current application development environment. Identity management is one of the most important aspects of DevOps. The importance of security in a DevOps environment is well known by enterprises, so they now focus their attention on identity management.

Developers and operators can have access to various aspects of pipeline and infrastructure development by having access management and identity capabilities. The demand for people who are skilled in access and identity management tools like Sailpoint is growing. This discussion will provide you with some examples of Sailpoint interview questions and detailed answers to help prepare for the interview.
Questions and answers about the most common Sailpoint interview questions
You need to be prepared for the Sailpoint interview, regardless of whether you are a newbie or have some experience. Let’s take a look at the most frequently asked Sailpoint interview question that will help you get an interview.
1. What is a Governance platform and what is a compliance manager?
This is one of the most popular Sailpoint interview questions. It deals with the Sailpoint ground-level architecture. Governance Platform supports the centralization and management of identity data, business policies, risk modeling, roles for supporting user lifecycles and compliance initiatives. The Compliance Manager is responsible to streamline compliance controls and improve audit performance through automated policy enforcement and automated certifications.
2. What is Identity Intelligence?
This entry could be one of the most frequently asked Sailpoint interview questions. Identity Intelligence is able to transform technical identity data from multiple enterprise system for creating a central and business-centric, easily understood information such as dashboards and reports.
3. What is the Audit Configuration?
This Sailpoint interview question is one of many common entries you will find from different sources. The Audit Configuration page in Sailpoint allows you to specify actions that will be performed for different audit logs. Because of the impact of audit logs storing information on performance, the system administrator must specify the actions that are subject to audit.
This entry is common among IdentityIQ-related Sailpoint interview questions. The configuration of IdentityIQ is required for auditing before any data can be collected by audit logs.
4. What actions can you find on the Audit Configuration Page of Sailpoint IdentityIQ and what are they?
This is one of the follow up Sailpoint IAM interview question, which can be both simple and confusing. Candidates can answer the question in specific categories. The answer should be straightforward. The first is the General Actions, which are the actions you do while using IdentityIQ. These include signing off on certifications. The second group of actions is Link Attribute Modifications, or any modifications made to any assigned link attributes.
The Identity Attribute Modifications refer to modifications to roles, capabilities, authorized scopes, passwords, and other controlled scopes. The Audit Configuration page also includes Class Actions. The Class Actions are actions that you take on the underlying classes used to configure IdentityIQ operations, such as creating policies or editing roles.
5. What makes Sailpoint Cloud Identity Management System better?
Candidates should prepare for this interview by learning the best Sailpoint interview questions. Sailpoint’s effectiveness in identity management depends on several aspects of the softwar.