Amazon S3 is an object store that can store large amounts of unstructured binary information. It can store up to 5 TB. S3 categorizes items into buckets. DynamoDB can be described as a NoSQL database or document database. It can store binary objects but it was designed to store structured textual/JSON information. Individual data can be stored up to 400KB. Amazon S3 was designed to deliver high throughput and not predictable latency. It can handle a lot of traffic, especially requests for different things. DynamoDB was designed with long-term usage patterns in mind and low latency. For small items, DynamoDB is faster than Amazon S3 and can perform individual operations up to four times faster. Usefulness: Amazon S3 is more suitable for data warehouse extract transform, load (ETL), applications than online or ad-hoc queries. DynamoDB is able to understand item contents and allows users to create indexes to make it easier for item property queries.