If you have been in the IT industry for a while you know that certifications and retirements are part of everyday life. CompTIA Network+ version n10 0006 is an update to n10 077.
Many questions have been raised online regarding the new n10 007 certification exam. We’ll be discussing the differences between the two in this article.
Some differences are cosmetic, such as a topic moving from one sub-objective into another. Others will make you take notice. The latter include a reduction in the overall fraction of objectives and the elimination or retesting of quite a lot of foundational content. We will be walking through the exam and examining what has changed.
What is Comptia Network+ exactly?
CompTIA is most well-known for its CompTIA A+ certification. It does offer a wide range tech certifications that cover many different industries. The majority of CompTIA certifications are broad in scope and cover Networking concepts. However, it is not easy to grasp the intricate distinctions in a server room. The most important components of IT development are managed by a certified Network+ operator. All systems are interconnected throughout a building or campus.
Difference between N10 0006 and N10 0007
This section will highlight all the differences between n10 0006 and n10 017. So, let’s begin.
You will not notice any changes at all. Only the exam objectives will be covered. We have listed all exam adjustments and differences in the table below.
The N10-007 exam was launched March 2018. It is not possible to take the N10-007 exam, which was launched in March 2018. N10 006. We recommend that you always take newer, more current exams. It will give you the most current and relevant knowledge. CompTIA regularly updates its courses to ensure they are current and of high quality. That’s the best thing about CompTIA. You are always in touch with us and kept up to date with any new information. Let’s now get to the point and discuss the new N10 007 exam.
CompTIA Network+ (N10-017) Exam
CompTIA Network+ (N10-017) certification exam is a job-based certification. This certification has been restructured and updated to reflect the current networking technologies. It also covers many domains through updating:
First, security concepts that are critical to networking specialists working with security professionals.
Secondly, we will discuss key cloud computing best practices as well as typical service models.
The coverage of virtualization and newer hardware has increased over time.
Concepts are a way to give people a variety of skills that will help keep the network resilient.
Basic Details
This certification certifies that the candidate is proficient in basic network infrastructures. The N10-007 certification exam is also available for those who have knowledge in networking topics.
CompTIA Network+ N10-007 exam takes 90 minutes. This exam contains a maximum of 90 questions. To qualify for the exam, you must score at least 720 on the scale 100-900. The exam is now available in only four languages. These languages are English, German and Japanese.
CompTIA Network+ (N10-017) exm questions are available in type:
Multiple Choice Questions
Multiple responses, single or multiple
Drag and drop
It costs USD $338 for the exam pricing. But. This price can vary depending on where you live. Before you apply for the exam, be sure to verify this information. Remember that certification expires after each examination.