CompTIA’s Top 10 Research and Resource Articles for 2021 includes a mix of playbooks, guides, and toolkits that are all designed to help IT professionals and businesses grow. Each article provides valuable insights and data into the IT industry with a focus in cybersecurity, emerging technology and workforce trends. CompTIA’s research team, as well as leaders from our communities, Industry Advisory Councils, had a busy year. They produced 50–fifty pieces of content by 2021. All of these are available on our main Resources page. Each one offers valuable insights and data into the IT industry. The most popular themes were cybersecurity, emerging technology and workforce trends.
Our Top 10 list is a mix research, toolkits and guides. These are all created to help our members’ IT professionals and businesses grow. You can see the complete list by clicking the link above.
IT Industry Outlook 2022
The flagship research report of CompTIA examines the opinions of professionals and tech firms about the IT industry. The 2022 Outlook provides information about the latest workplace trends, changes to business travel, regulation impact, expectations for tech budgets, and more. “History teaches us that you cannot stay in bunker mode for too long. You must get out at some point. According to the report, encouraging signs point upwards and onwards as we head into 2022 with a level if cautious optimism creeping back in the technology industry.”
CEOs Need to Ask Cybersecurity Questions
Our Cybersecurity Advisory Council’s first resource was a hit with CompTIA members. It was a piece of collateral that they could share with their end-user customers. It contains 11 questions that CEOs should ask their teams to help them better understand their cybersecurity resilience and what they need to do. MSPs and other tech companies can use the questions to keep customers informed and engaged on cybersecurity issues.
2021 Emerging Technologies Top 10 Liste
CompTIA’s Emerging Technology Community produced a top 10 list each year. This year, the community focused on 10 use cases for artificial intelligence (AI), and the internet of things. A downloadable infographic explains how each of these technologies is transforming businesses and how MSPs can make profit from them.
Marketing Toolkit for MSPs
This toolkit has been updated for 2021 and includes more than 90 pages full of marketing best practices, templates and other resources. It is designed to help MSPs evaluate their current marketing efforts and gain a better understanding of the steps they need to take. The guide also provides tips on how to combine different marketing strategies to your advantage, such as website marketing, email marketing and pay-per-click advertising.
Tech SMBs: Legal Resources
Small businesses need to be able to get the right legal advice and guidance to avoid being held liable. Finding the right resources can be costly and time-consuming. CompTIA Education and CompTIA’s in-house legal team worked together to create Legal Resources for Tech SMBs. This guide contains essential legal information and operating considerations to tech SMBs. It also includes a master service agreement template, a checklist to find and hire legal counsel, common IT legal questions, and a list compTIA-reviewed legal services providers.
Four Trends to Help MSPs Maximize Opportunities in 2021
CompTIA’s research team interviewed more than 400 IT professionals to identify four main trends that are impacting MSP businesses. This document details these four trends: Higher-level services, improved customer experience and new pricing models. It also offers tips and advice to help you grow your business.
Vendor Channel Readiness Assessment
Technology vendors use a network of solution providers, managed services providers, and other partners to CompTIA’s Channel Development Advisory Council to help them better understand their capabilities to support MSPs, and other channel partners. Vendors can leverage channel partners to increase market share, territory expansion, lower go-to–market and route–to-market costs, address critical gaps and have access to customers.
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